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Mini Jet Suction Dredger

Mini Jet Suction Dredger

Small jet suction dredger with
dredging depth 3-12m
Mini jet suction dredger

Mini jet suction dredger
Its spare parts can be transported in one container.

4-inch Mini Jet Suction Sand Dredger
Item Parameter Remark
Dredger Structure 5.0m*2.1m*1.2m Q230 main steel plate
Main Power Diesel Engine 50 KW Jichai
Main Sand Pump 4 inch Water flow 400m3/h
Dry Sand Capacity 60m3/h
Dredging Depth 3-12m
Steel Plate Grade CCSB certification marine plate
Warranty 1 year
Lead Time 7 working days
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