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Gold Panning Equipment

Gold Panning Equipment

On this page, we will introduce you two types of gold panning equipment which feature large capacity and high efficiency.

1. Cutter suction type gold panning ship

Features of Gold Panning Equipment
This gold panning equipment is primarily composed of cutter suction processing equipment and sluice type gold processing equipment. Compound type gold processing sluice is one types of the most advanced and large production grain selection equipment in the world.
The output of the gold panning ship is 100-400m3/h and recovery rate is 85%-90%.

The cutter suction type gold panning equipment can be used in the river, channel, reservoir for sand dredging and backfilling. It is very strong and can be used in the hard sandy riverbed.

2. Dragline type gold panning ship

The dragline type gold panning equipment can be used in sand mine. It is characterized by easy operation and strong adaptability.

Output: 40-100m3/h
Sand content: <70%.
Recovery rate: 60%-80%.

This gold panning ship is also applicable for use in river, channel, reservoir and other places, where the sand is easy for dredging and backfilling.

The gold panning equipment is made of steel plate and steel frame.

Delivered in bulk or in container.

We are a professional gold panning equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Our main products also include ion exchanger, water softener, wheel loader, washing, filling, capping three-in-one packing machine, and so on.
Besides, our company is located in Qingzhou, and can deliver your mineral processing equipment by water, by air or by land. This will reduce your transportation cost.
Welcome to our company! If you have any needs, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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